A Unique saving program

Unlike other coins, Steneum is unique. It is a real project that generates real benefits for its team and investors. Steneum does not use fiat like US dollars for its , so if you save 1,000 STN, you will get back 1,000 STN, not USD 1,000. Steneum not save your dollars , but steneum only save your coin ( STN )

The daily commission comes from Bitsten market income. For example, you saving 1,000 STN during the contract period when the price at USD 1. When the contract is completed and the price is USD 5, then you can sell 1,000 STN  USD 5.

When the contract is completed, you can withdraw Steneum or renew your contract at will. You can also make new contract from all the coins in your wallet.

All the coins in the saving program then will be stored in Admin wallet and will not be traded. The purpose of this system is to diminish the coin circulating in the market. The scarcity will raise the STN price in the market.

For example, a supply of 20 million has been circulated with eight million in the public (such as mining, bounty, and ICO) and five million coins in the saving program. Therefore, the coin circulation in the exchange market is only three million.

This scarcity will significantly escalate the price of STN. The fewer coins circulating, the more the price will increase.

  The number of coins in saving program will not exceed the number of coins in public, and the commission for each coin will come from a trusted source. By applying this system, there will be no money game taking place in the Steneum saving program.


1. There will be no coin minimum or maximum. All the coins in your wallet can be save.
2. The contract will be for 30, 45, 60, or 90 days depending the amount to save. During the saving contract, STN cannot be withdrawn.
3. Daily commission will be allotted based on the saving formula.
4. Commission will be distributed in BTC.
5. Daily commission will be available to be withdrawn every day.
6. The same amount of STN will be given back when the contract is completed.
Available on February 01 , 2018
Steneum team will try to work well but can not predict with certainty the price of STN in the future.
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