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How does Steneum (STN) work ?

Steneum is digital asset designed to work as a unit of exchange without relying on a central server. It uses open protocol to facilitate secure payment transactions. Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency for transactions. As automated trading platforms have become common, more people are using bitcoin transactions for purchases of products and services. Visit https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-superstar/ to make use of crypto robots and enhance bitcoin trading. The storage server is decentralized and distributed-divided into various servers run by each user connected to the network.

Steneum is nearly identical to Bitcoin since it was created based on Bitcoin platform. Just as its predecessor, you can easily send Steneum anywhere in the world in seconds as long as the recipient is connected to the internet.

All transactions that have been made are recorded and displayed in Blockchain. Although you can set your identity anonymously, all your transaction can still be monitored through Steneum Blockchain Explorer.

The transfer fee may be reduced gradually. However, to speed up the transaction, you can set higher fee in the Steneum Wallet.

You can transfer Steneum (STN) to anywhere in the world as long as the recipient is connected to the internet.

Why is Steneum (STN) Valuable?

Steneum (STN) will release only 20 million coins worldwide. With increasing demand and limited supply, STN prices will rise.

For Investors, Steneum (STN) can be used for paying fee in market bitsten exchange and get 20% from market bitsten exchange daily income

For individuals, Steneum (STN) can be traded on criptocurrency exchanges and you can store it in crypto savings accounts such as Aqru. Aqru is a simple application that helps you buy, invest and earn interest on your crypto assets. You can also check the Aqru review before selecting it as your savings account.. So you can get the profit from price movements.

What is Steneum (STN)?

Steneum (STN) is a Coin similar to Bitcoin with P2P transaction based on an open source platform.
Steneum will also be used for payment of trading fees in the Bitsten exchange market.

Can STN be mined?

Yes, Steneum (STN) can be mined starting on January 1, 2018

Coin Properties

Block Reward
25 Coins
Block Space
5 Minute
Total Supply
20,000,000 Coins